Supplier Guidelines

Updated Supplier Guidelines can always be found on supplier login on CMP homepage The English online version is the legally binding one. Password for supplier login is required, and must be handled with care. Only trusted employees may use this password. The Supplier Guidelines will be updated regularly. It’s the supplier’s responsibility to keep themselves updated continuously with the newest version of the Supplier Guidelines. The Supplier Guidelines applies to all deliveries to CMP or direct to CMP´s customer. The Supplier Guidelines forms part of the agreement between suppliers and CMP. The remaining part of the agreement is comprised of:

  • The Contract of Purchase
  • The purchase order form
  • The product information sheet
  • Terms of delivery and payment
If the requirements and instructions specified in these documents are not accurately complied with, CMP reserves the right to cancel the order or to consider the purchase order as a new quotation. All costs occurring as a result of non-compliance with the Supplier Guidelines are covered by the supplier. Legal disputes must be settled in the importing country in accordance with the legislation of that country. Producers are responsible for any costs that result from non-compliance with these Guidelines. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact CMP. Not everything can be reached in a few days. We know. But we expect our suppliers to make an effort – and together with CMP – ensure that this Supplier Guidelines will be a cascade of actions and not only words.
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