Basically, the container must be fully utilized for all deliveries. In some cases, the first delivery of new products in spite of careful examination of the container utilization through calculation programs such as ‚LOAD‘ happen, that the container does not fill 100%. If so, there may be an exception, so there will not be charged penalties or the like. To request an exception this must be made directly to CMP after the container is loaded

The following data must be sent in an email to CMP Direct ApS ( is always stated:
  • Product number (8 digits)
  • Box dimensions (L / W / H)
  • Container number
  • ETD week / ETA weeks
  • Photo of the container (after reading)
  • Original container quantity (amount agreed there could in unloaded)
  • New container volume (how much can be loaded into the future Per article, there can only be an exception for a single container – any subsequent supply (also in the same week) is 100% utilization required.
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