10 simple rules


  • It is important that the person who carries out quality control on the goods is independent and uncompromising.
  • Quality control inspectors should thoroughly inspect the goods when considering/reaching their conclusions about the overall impression of the quality of the goods.
  • The supplier must increase the focus of the packaging of the products.
  • It is important that the factory employees realize that the small pieces they produce are an important part of the complete product.
  • It is important that the colours and structures are the same in all the products. It is not sufficient for the elements to look good separately – they should also look good together.
  • Quality control should be carried out in good lighting – bad lighting may mean that quality control cannot catch, for example colour/small structural differences or other mistakes.
  • It is of the great importance that the product is treated with care. This is not reasonable, for example, to throw plates on pallets that have protruding nails.
  • The Supplier must take care not to damage the products, for example during transport within the factory.
  • The materials used for production must be of the correct/good quality.
  • Surface treatment must be identical for all parts. Differences in colour and/or structure in the same treatment are not acceptable.
  • The weight should be placed evenly over the pallet. Packed pallets must be very stable and secured against collapse during the transport. The quality control inspectors will advise CMP about any problems. We recommend carefully observing the above points. These are helpful rules in achieving a good partnership for mutual benefit and avoiding unnecessary costs associated with claims.
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