Quality Control

CMP Direct has a need for reliable and flexible suppliers who understand our requirements for flawless deliveries and who actively contributes to the ongoing cost optimization and development.
Our local Quality Control (QC) teams – who makes the Quality Control in all the factories and production sites we work with - Understands these needs and are quick and easy to communicate with.
The Quality control is performed on-site by the local QC teams - people we have worked with for many years
- And our own employees from Denmark who continuously inspect the production sites.
Our QC consists of a continuous monitoring of the production, from when the wood is cut and until the finished products has been packed
in containers / cars - ready for shipment.
Our local QC teams are continuously sending QC reports with photo documentation, etc. regarding the production to our Quality Manager
in Denmark - on every single order.
When the product is ready for shipment, our QC teams makes a final inspection and issue a report confirming the ordered quantity,
product quality, labeling, packaging, loading, etc. This report is immediately sent to the Quality Manager in Denmark.

Only when the content of the QC report has been approved by the Quality Manager in Denmark, green light will be given to the
containers / trucks. Without any further delay the goods will be sent.
All our suppliers accommodate the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). EUTR is aiming at combating illegal logging and counteracting trafficking of illegally harvested timber. All of our suppliers are or are becoming BSCI certified. All of our suppliers are - or will become - BSCI certified.