Company Presentation CMP Direct

CMP Direct has existed since 2009. Several of the company’s employees have worked in the furniture business for more than 20 years, so we can offer extensive experience, know-how and industry knowledge.

The furniture industry is in constant progress - our goal is to always be one step ahead and be in front with what is going on in the business! We have a constantly updated and contemporary range that meet customer demands and expectation of constant renewal.

CMP Direct delivers containers and full trucks with furniture and accessories direct to our customers.

Our concept is:
• No stock / no costly intermediaries
• Focus on collaboration and product development between the customer and CMP Direct
• Low costs
• High standard of quality control on production site
• Direct supply from manufacturer to customer

CMP Direct client base is international chains that are able to absorb full containers and full trucks.

CMP Direct is in close and constant dialogue with our customers to always meet their requirements, develop new products and focus on their needs.

It is our goal to provide our customers the best experience making business with us. We offer good service, extensive know-how, high quality and confidence.Vi have a constant focus on product development and quality control.

Our team of highly qualified employees are constantly working to develop and improve our services and performance. Dialogue and good relations with our customers is essential to offer the best solutions.

Quality control is one of the key points of our concept. We have our own local team check every order at our factories. For us it’s about getting the best product forward and optimize the packing of goods in the container to reduce costs. Received regular reports throughout the production altogether until shipment from the factory. Every qualityreport is approved by our quality team in Denmark, and factories during production is regularly visited by our Danish quality team.

CMP Direct is a socially responsible company that respects the environment, human and labor rights, and we expect the same from our suppliers. In order to ensure that our suppliers meet our high standards of social responsibility is our main suppliers registered and follows the regulations under the BSCI.

The main points of BSCI is:
• No child labor
• No forced labor and no disciplinary penalties
• A safe and healthy workplace
• High environmental requirements
• Policy for Social Responsibility

In addition, all our suppliers live up to the EU Timber Regulation.
Here, suppliers meet high requirements regarding documentation of logging to ensure no illegal logging around the world.